Highest Expectations Ever for Canucks

Published by Bill Kellett on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 — View Comments

Photo of hockey executive Mike Gillis.

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Well we are now 3 days and counting until the 2010-11 hockey season officially kicks off. As a life long Canucks fan i can not recall a time when the faithful have been so high on this team.  It is nice to see for a change that we enter the year as a favourite instead of a joke.

I can still remember the days when Barry Pederson was considered our number 1 centre! Yikes how times have changed for the better. Now we have a team which appears to be heading towards hockey glory.

As of this writing, the Vancouver Canucks have retained training camp tryout Peter Schaefer. this surprised many as we all had our eyes focused on Brendan Morrison and his efforts, but the reality is Schaefer had a very good camp and based on his play deserves to be here.

If things stay as they are we could potentially have a 3rd line of Schaefer/Malhotra/Torres. that is a pretty solid line on any team and certainly is an upgrade over the Bernier/Demitra/Grabner combo we had last year.

Hopefully for the long suffering Canuck fan this team can finally deliver on all the promise they have. The roster is deep. The prospects are deep. The potential is endless, its just a matter now of putting it all into play, something we all hope this team can do.

A healthy Luongo will go a long ways to determining the overall success of this team, and he has come in leaner and meaner this year and his reflexes look much better, too bad his groin hasn’t caught up yet.

If all goes well, we may very well be playing until June, however if the Canucks put forth another season of disappointment and heartache as we have become accustomed to, then it will be more same old same old, the difference this year is that the moves Mike Gillis has made are making believers out of the fans, and even sports writers across the country.

Times certainly have changed in Vancouver, and hopefully this is just the beginning of what could be the best season ever here in Vancity.

Yes 3 days and counting….. Let the games begin!!!!