Capitals Beat Rangers in Round 1

Published by Matt on Sunday, April 24, 2011 — View Comments

Alexander Ovechkin and the rest of his Washington Capitals have entered unknown territory. They have closed out a series early, earning valuable days off during this year’s playoff run.

“We’ve never done it before,” remarked Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau. “I’ll have to give my head a shake when I wake up tomorrow and wonder where we’re supposed to be playing.”

While Washington’s players wanted to prove that they can finish off an opponent quickly, its fans tried their hardest to win the shouting match with their counterparts in New York. Rangers fans serenaded Boudreau with, “Can you hear us?” in Game 4 after he said the fans were louder in the nation’s capital.

The dispute over whose building is louder will no doubt continue, but the more important argument has been settled this year: Washington has the better team.

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